Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-Seq) has enabled unprecedented insight into the biology of individual cells across a broad range of application areas.  Current approaches however have limitations around cost, accessibility and scalability, thereby limiting widespread use in many laboratories.  Fluent’s mission, with our novel PIPseq technology, is to provide a simple, flexible and cost effective solution for any researcher that does not require the use of complex instrumentation or expensive consumables.

With two current solutions in mind, Fluent offers a full reagent kit for purchase or a convenient services option. Our reagent kits may be run entirely in your lab from cell capture through NGS and data analysis while our service option allows the ease of cell capture with only 10 minutes of hands-on time using the front-end PIPseq™ kit. You can simply ship the captured cells to Fluent Service Lab for downstream processing.

Fluent Service Lab Option:

The service model has been developed so that customers can send out stably encapsulated captured single cell mRNA to Fluent for downstream processing by utilizing the PIPseq 3′ Single Cell Capture and Lysis workflow.  It requires three simple steps.

  1. Cell preparation
  2. Cell capture and lysis
  3. Sample shipping

Cell preparation

Fluent provides a simple protocol to guide users to prepare a cell suspension using cryopreserved cells. This protocol lays out steps to safely thaw, count and dilute the cell stock to Fluent recommended final concentration. Alternatively, users can use their preferred cell preparation protocol, but we encourage you to use Fluent provided cell suspension buffer to prepare final cell dilution for cell capture and lysis. 

Cell capture and lysis

Uniform Pre-templated Instant Partitions (PIPs) are generated with the prepared cells and templated capture beads following a precisely controlled vortexing regime. Generated PIPs are then subjected to cell lysis and mRNA capture in a PIPseqTM Dry bath device. All the necessary equipment is provided by Fluent along with the user chosen PIPseq 3′ Single Cell kit to guarantee the user can confidently carry out each step in the workflow. 

Sample shipping

After cell capture and lysis, you simply ship your samples to the Fluent lab by utilizing our stable stopping point. You have the felixibilty to ship your samples within first 24hrs after the completion of front end workflow, but we encourage you to arrange the shipment right after cell capture and lysis to avoid any sample loss due to unprecedented shipping delays.

Samples received at Fluent are processed (for the initial steps) within 24hrs after receipt and are qualified for full life cycle tracking. Our team will send out regular updates through the workflow at sample receipt, cDNA isolation, QC and Quantification, library preparation for NGS and QC, and finally at the end of data analysis. You will have the chance to discuss the results with our team before moving to the next step, and may suspend subsequent steps, if necessary, based on the sample quality.   

Upon  successful completion of sample processing, the resulting data will be shared with you along with a standard analysis report.  

Fluent Full Kit Option: 

The PIPseq™ T2 & T20 3′ Single Cell RNA Kits provide cell capture and library preparation reagents to generate sequencing-ready libraries for 3’ gene expression profiling starting from single cell suspensions in a convenient 2-day workflow. These libraries enable profiling of up to 20,000 individual cells per sample and are compatible with Illumina NGS sequencing instruments. 

Full Kit Benefits:

  • Profile up to 2,000 cells per sample (T2) for $300 per sample or 20,000 single cells (T20) for $900 per sample
  • Easy to implement (no complex instrumentation or consumables required)
  • Flexibility to process anywhere from 1 to 4 (T20) or 8 (T2) samples per kit 
  • Cost-effectively scale from pilot and multi-replicate studies to complex tissue analysis
  • Conveniently process cells and capture RNA at point of collection
  • Access to user-friendly PIPseeker software for data analysis

PIPseq In Your Lab

Our technology allows accessibility, flexibility and scalability, without the investment of costly instrumentation or consumables.  Based on your project, we can find the right solution for your needs.  

To learn more about how we can support your projects with one of our solutions, visit our product pages or contact us at