Fluent BioSciences launches industry’s most accessible, cost-effective and scalable technology (PIPseq™) to accelerate adoption of single-cell RNA sequencing in any laboratory

Single Cell Biology Made Simple

Our mission is to accelerate the understanding of biology and disease through simple, cost effective and scalable single cell solutions for every laboratory from research to the clinic.

No complex instrumentation
Highly scalable technology
Flexible configuration
Cost effective
Ideal for pilot Studies
Multi-Omics Capability

Bringing scalable single cell analysis to your laboratory

Fluent’s breakthrough technology enables powerful single cell analysis in every laboratory without the use of complex instrumentation, so you can focus on advancing your research instead of managing expensive technology.  Our initial Single Cell RNA products for 3’ gene expression are flexible, cost-effective and complete workflow solutions from sample preparation through data analysis that is perfect for studies across cancer, immunology, neuroscience and infectious disease.


Fluent’s novel Pre-templated Instant Partitions (PIPseq™) technology enables near-instantaneous self-assembly of individual cells or molecules into millions of uniform partitions without the need for complex instrumentation or microfluidic consumables. It enables extremely sensitive and unbiased preparation of proteins and nucleic acids for sequencing applications such as single cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-Seq).  The workflow begins with prepared cell suspensions from which target mRNA is captured (sample prep) and processed into libraries (library prep) for sequencing (by NGS) and data analysis.


Sample Prep (Fluent Kit)


Library Prep (Fluent Kit)




Data Analysis (Fluent Portal)

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Fluent’s workflow is simple, easy to follow and provides users a lot of flexibility around the experimental scale, which is unique in this space.  This can potentially open up scRNA-seq to more research labs worldwide.

Director, Single Cell Core
Leading academic institution

Fluent fulfills an important unmet need to cost effectively perform scRNA-seq for pilot and optimization studies, which is often a critical first step. There is no need to purchase expensive instruments or consumables, and any lab can easily get started.

Dr. Yuriy Aleksyev
Director, Single Cell Sequencing Core
Boston University School of Medicine