Announcing PIPseq V, Fluent’s Newest Breakthrough in Single-Cell Analysis

PIPseq V – Fluent’s Newest Breakthrough in Single-Cell Analysis

  • Up to 50% Improvement in Genes and Transcripts in certain cell types
  • Lower Ambient RNA Background
  • Eliminates Sequencing Bias and Artifacts

PIPseq V Data Highlights

12,000 captured cells from mouse brain were processed through PIPseq V and resolved by UMAP analysis. 

PIPseq V reveals substantially more gene sensitivity than 10X Chromium v3.1 in a deeply sequenced matched sample of mouse brain nuclei.

Matched samples of PBMCs processed through PIPseq V and 10X Chromium v3.1. produce highly comparable UMAP clustering and overall performance.

No complex instrumentation
Highly scalable technology
Flexible configuration
Cost effective
Ideal for pilot Studies
Multi-Omics Capability

Bringing scalable single cell analysis to your laboratory

Fluent’s breakthrough technology enables powerful single cell analysis in every laboratory without the use of complex instrumentation, so you can focus on advancing your research instead of managing expensive technology.  Our Single Cell RNA products for 3’ gene expression offer flexible, cost-effective and complete workflow solutions from cell capture through data analysis that is perfect for studies across cancer, immunology, neuroscience and infectious disease.

PIPseq provides significant advantages in experimental flexibility, design of time-course studies, and accommodating small cell input required for our model system.

Michael Verzi

Professor, Department of Genetics at Rutgers State University, New Jersey

The ease with which we have been able to generate large numbers of single-cells for challenging neuronal samples is amazing. Sequencing quality, including genes detected, doublet errors, and mitochondrial contamination levels are exceptional, and on par with other methods, and I have no doubt that PIPseq will be an impactful addition to the laboratory repertoire for any researcher.

Dr. Shane Liddelow

Assistant Professor, Department of Neuroscience at NYU Langone, New York City

We required a single-cell RNA-seq platform with a simple workflow suitable for rapid analysis of clinical specimens, that scales from small to large numbers of cells, and meets our data quality metrics. Tissues analyzed using the T2 and T20 kits have exceeded our expectations.

Dr. Zev Gartner

Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of California, San Francisco

Fluent’s PIPseq scRNA-seq platform is simple and effective for our experimental needs. The quick experimental procedure is convenient and allows us to process fresh samples, sort, and perform capture and lysis all in the same day without worrying about sample degradation. The quality of the resulting sequencing data and the large number of cells that are successfully captured allows us to confidently answer our scientific questions and generate new and exciting hypotheses to test.

Cameron Bader

Everett Meyer Lab Stanford University


Fluent’s novel Particle-Templated Instant Partitions (PIPseq™) technology enables near-instantaneous self-assembly of individual cells or molecules into millions of uniform partitions without the need for complex instrumentation or microfluidic consumables. It enables extremely sensitive and unbiased preparation of proteins and nucleic acids for sequencing applications such as single cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-Seq).  The workflow begins with prepared cell suspensions from which target mRNA is captured (sample prep) and processed into libraries (library prep) for sequencing (by NGS) and data analysis.


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