Setting Up for Experimental Success: Exploring the Importance of Pilot Studies

Meet the Team

Launched in 2018, Fluent BioSciences was built on technology developed by co-founder Adam Abate’s laboratory at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).  Fluent is well funded by leading firms specializing in early stage life science companies (see list of investors below).

Our leadership team consists of industry veterans who have successfully commercialized numerous technologies and products across a broad range of life-science companies. Supporting the team is a seasoned consortium of investors, board directors, and scientific advisers, all with extensive industry experience.

Brian McKernan

Chief Executive Officer

Sepehr Kiani

Chief Business Development Officer

Kristina Fontanez

SVP of Product Development

Robert Meltzer

Senior Director of Applications and Strategic Partnerships

Jessie Matakis

Director of Marketing

Tim Harkness

Chairperson of the Board

Adam Abate, Ph.D

Founder, Board of Directors

Bill Hyun​, Ph.D.

Founder, Board of Directors

Wouter Meuleman, Ph.D.

Investor, Board of Directors

Mike Dybbs, Ph.D.

Investor, Board of Directors

Gary Zweiger, Ph.D.

Founder, Adviser

Tony Godfrey, Ph.D.

Science Adviser

Iain Clark, Ph.D.

Science Adviser

Our Investors