Overcoming Common Challenges in Single Cell RNA-seq Experiments with PIPseq: UCSF Case Study


Overcoming Common Challenges in Single Cell RNA-seq Experiments with PIPseq

In recent years, single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) has revolutionized our ability to study gene expression at the single-cell level, allowing for the identification of cell subpopulations and the discovery of new cell types. However, performing scRNA-seq experiments can be challenging, particularly when dealing with scalability and cost. Cyrille Delley, PhD, a postdoctoral scholar of Bioengineering […]

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Common Mistakes in Cell Prep for Single Cell Sequencing

Cell preparation is arguably one of the most important stages in the single-cell RNA-seq workflow. From sample prep to cell counting, there are several factors that can influence cell viability and data quality in your single cell project.  To obtain optimal results with PIPseq, below are valuable tips for proper sample preparation. Common variables that […]

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Data Analysis with PIPseeker™ Software

Fluent’s novel PIPseq™ technology, provides a simple, flexible and cost effective solution for any researcher that does not require the use of complex instrumentation or expensive consumables. When a PIPseq sample is sequenced, the result is a paired-end dataset in FASTQ format. PIPseeker, Fluent’s data analysis platform, takes these inputs and converts them to a […]

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Fluent BioSciences Kits & Service Spotlight

Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-Seq) has enabled unprecedented insight into the biology of individual cells across a broad range of application areas.  Current approaches however have limitations around cost, accessibility and scalability, thereby limiting widespread use in many laboratories.  Fluent’s mission, with our novel PIPseq technology, is to provide a simple, flexible and cost effective solution […]

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What is Single Cell Sequencing?

All multicellular organisms are composed of cells which contain the same DNA. How is it then, that the cells in our stomach look and behave differently from the cells in our brain? The answer lies within the way cells differentiate and select different sets of genes to transcribe, with which to make functional molecules such […]

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Behind the Technology and Innovation of Fluent BioSciences

Fluent Biosciences was founded in 2018, growing from a long collaborative history of co-founders Adam Abate (Professor of Bioengineering, UCSF) and Sepher Kiani (CEO, Fluent BioSciences) to commercialize new, groundbreaking tools for single cell analysis.  Traditional methods for single cell studies typically require complex instrumentation or custom microfluidic consumables to isolate single cells into distinct, […]

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