Read Our First Customer Generated Publication (BioRxiv preprint): Verzi Lab at Rutgers University using the Fluent PIPseq T2 Kit


Fluent BioSciences offers a variety of kits to address your single-cell experimental needs. Our example datasets include both a mouse/human cell mixture (“barnyard”) run, as well as immune cell profiling using PBMCs. Together, these datasets provide examples of our T2 and T20 kit assay quality and ability to capture heterogeneity in complex cell mixtures.

Species-Mixture Experiment (Human/Mouse)

1:1 Mixture of Human HEK393T and Mouse NIH-3T3 (~2.7k Cells, v3.0 Chemistry)

  • Explore a low-throughput experiment that captured a mixture of ~2.7k human and mouse cells.
  • See how PIPseq maintains low multiplet and high capture rates with high sensitivity in a standard assay

Immune Cell Profiling with High Resolution from a Single T20 Reaction

PBMCs from a standard, healthy donor (~20k cells)

  • Survey a variety of immune cell types and subtypes identified in a standard T20 kit
  • Understand detailed resolution of different cell types, including multiple subtypes, B cells, monocytes, and T cells
  • Resolve rare cell types, such as HSPCs (stem cells)
  • Includes sensitivity levels for cell calling, resulting in multiple distinct outputs and clustering results