Fluent BioSciences, a leading life sciences company focused on revolutionizing single cell analysis through simple, cost effective and scalable solutions, has published a white paper highlighting the performance improvements of the recently announced v4.0 chemistry as compared to the previous v3.0 chemistry. The v4.0 chemistry enables users to achieve higher capture rates, significantly higher sensitivity and improved sequencing efficiency. The latest version is now available across the entire PIPseq portfolio of 3′ Single Cell RNA Kits to address the demand for simple, cost-effective, and scalable solutions for single cell analysis.

Key data highlighted in the paper:

  • Over 130,000 PBMCs captured in a single PIPseq T100 reaction
  • >2X improvement in gene sensitivity from v3.0 to v4.0 chemistry
  • 82% cell capture in human/mouse cell mixture T20 reactions

“The tremendous improvement in performance of our v4.0 chemistry demonstrates how the PIPseq platform allows rapid product development in months rather than years, enabling Fluent to serve the evolving needs of the billion dollar single cell analysis market,” stated Kristina Fontanez, SVP of Product Development at Fluent BioSciences. “Our v4.0 chemistry for 3′ single cell sequencing is just the beginning. As we look to rapidly commercialize novel solutions on the Fluent platform, I am particularly excited about leveraging our scale to address some of the fundamental challenges in the cytometry market by applying our unique low-bias UMI-free assay technology.”