Watertown, MA – June 12, 2024 – In the heart of Massachusetts’ life sciences supercluster, Watertown has emerged as a vibrant hub propelling innovation. Two companies, Fluent BioSciences and 7 Traits Genomics, showcase the region’s dynamic ecosystem of entrepreneurship, and technological advancement. Having incubated at Cambridge Scientific Labs, Fluent BioSciences pioneered groundbreaking single-cell transcriptomics technology and graduated to become an industry leader. Now, 7 Traits Genomics is following a similar path, leveraging Fluent’s powerful platform as it launches its own precision genomics services from the same incubator space. This virtuous cycle epitomizes the collaborative spirit and cutting-edge developments defining the Boston biotech ecosystem.

Cambridge Scientific: A Nurturing Force in Boston’s Biotech Ecosystem

Cambridge Scientific has emerged as a trusted partner in the region’s booming biotech industry. Founded in 1997 by CEO Barb Pearlman, the company’s journey began with a commitment to deliver affordable, top-notch lab equipment. “What started as a local supplier has evolved into an international business distinguished by our environmentally conscious practices. Moving into providing lab services has allowed me a front-row seat to witness the incredible growth of startups like Fluent BioSciences and now 7 Traits Genomics,” says Pearlman.

In 2016, Cambridge Scientific expanded its offerings with state-of-the-art, accessible, and affordable biotech incubator labs in Watertown, MA. These facilities provide the tools budding innovators need to transform groundbreaking ideas into reality – from cutting-edge equipment to skilled technical support. Cambridge Scientific Labs nurtures a vibrant community pushing the boundaries of biotech research.

In 2024, The Boston Business Journal ranked Cambridge Scientific as one of the largest women-owned businesses in Massachusetts, underscoring Pearlman’s visionary leadership and the company’s enduring impact.

Learn more at www.cambridgescientific.com/lab-space.

Fluent BioSciences: From Startup to Global Success

Founded in 2018 by serial entrepreneur Sepehr Kiani, Fluent BioSciences began its journey as a humble three-person startup incubating at Cambridge Scientific Labs. Their flexible lab space provided the perfect environment for the emerging company to rapidly expand, growing from a small team to a thriving 25-person force within just two years. Today, with its headquarters anchored in Watertown, Fluent BioSciences stands tall as a 40-person industry leader pioneering top-tier single-cell genomics products.

“What makes this area so amazing is the collaborative ecosystem,” said Dr. Kiani, a long-time Watertown resident. “The top talent spun out of prestigious schools, combined with invaluable resources like Cambridge Scientific, creates an environment where innovation thrives. It’s immensely gratifying to see our cutting-edge products now enabling the next generation of companies like 7 Traits Genomics.”

Explore Fluent BioSciences’ offerings at www.fluentbio.com.

7 Traits Genomics: Veteran-Led Provider of Cutting-Edge Single Cell Genomics Services

7 Traits Genomics, a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business, is carving a niche in the Greater Boston Area with its precision genomics services. Founded in 2024 by Dustin Poole, the company leverages Fluent BioSciences’ cutting-edge single-cell technology platform to provide high-quality single-cell RNA sequencing services. With an unwavering commitment to integrity, 7 Traits supports the research endeavors of institutions and individual scientists alike.

“Securing a fully equipped lab at Cambridge Scientific Laboratories, along with access to Fluent BioSciences’ cutting-edge products, was a game-changer,” said Poole. “It allowed us to hit the ground running and serve clients on day one – a dream scenario for any startup. We’re privileged to be part of such a supportive, innovative ecosystem.”

Learn more about 7 Traits Genomics at www.7-traits.com.