Setting Up for Experimental Success: Exploring the Importance of Pilot Studies

Board Members

Tim Harkness

Chairperson of the Board

Tim is the founder and CEO of Unchained Labs. He is a serial entrepreneur who has been building great life-sciences companies for over 25 years. Tim has under his belt three successful exits: Molecular Devices, ProteinSimple, and Unchained Labs (which together generated over $1.3 billion of shareholder value). He founded Unchained Labs to solve problems for researchers in biologics and gene therapy; in just over six years, he built it into an $80 million-plus business. To date, Tim has raised nearly $200 million in venture capital, helped raise over $1 billion in the public equity markets, and has participated in four successful exits as an independent board member. He is an enthusiastic supporter of other entrepreneurial teams and currently serves as an independent director of LabVoice.

Tim received a BBA from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from Stanford University.