Announcing PIPseq V, Fluent’s Newest Breakthrough in Single-Cell Analysis

PIPseq™ T2 3’
Single Cell RNA Kit v4.0PLUS

  • Profile up to 2,000 single cells per reaction (8 reactions per kit)
  • Priced at $300 per sample*
    • Includes all cell capture and library preparation reagents
    • Compatible with Illumina NGS instruments
    • Access to user-friendly data analysis software

*Prices vary outside the United States.

*Please e-mail to obtain copies of SDS for Fluent products

Included in This Kit

The PIPseq™ T2 3′ Single Cell RNA Kits provide cell capture and library preparation reagents to generate sequencing-ready libraries for 3’ gene expression profiling starting from single cell suspensions in a convenient 2-day workflow. These libraries enable profiling of up to 2,000 (T2) individual cells per sample and are compatible with Illumina NGS sequencing instruments. 

Required one-time accessories are sold separately (PIPseq™ Single Cell RNA Starter Kit), and the purchase of this kit includes access to a data analysis software (PIPseeker for Data Analysis).

Key Benefits

  • Easy to implement (no complex instrumentation or consumables required)
  • Flexibility to process anywhere from 1 to 8 samples per kit 
  • Cost-effectively run pilot projects and optimization studies
  • Conveniently process cells and capture RNA at point of collection
  • User-friendly bioinformatics portal for data analysis

Low Multiplet Rate

A 50:50 mixture of 2500 human (HEK 293T)  and mouse (NIH/3T3) cells were processed through PIPseq. mRNA expression clearly resolves human and mouse cells with a multiplet rate below 5%. 

High Quality Transcripts Captured

Representative barcode rank plot shows that over 1000 cells of high quality transcripts were captured with the PIPseq Single Cell RNA Kit using a 50:50 human-mouse cell mixture (HEK 293T/NIH/3T3 cells).  

Complex Cell Population Clearly Resolved

~12,200 captured cells (1200-1500 cells per replicate) from breast tissue were processed through PIPseq™ and resolved by UMAP analysis.  Major cell types were clearly detected.

Single Cell RNA Kit Application Areas

Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-Seq) has enabled unprecedented insight into the biology of individual cells and tissue complexity across a broad range of discovery and disease areas. Below are some of the application areas where the the accessibility, precision, and sensitivity of our PIPseq technology can enable new research and discoveries




Infectious Disease

PIPseq™ T2 3” Single Cell RNA Kits

  • Profile up to 2,000 cells/sample at $300/sample
  • Includes cell capture + library preparation reagents
  • Access to downstream analysis software

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