Fluent will be presenting a poster highlighting the PIPseq technology and customer case studies of projects enabled by the highly scalable portfolio of 3′ Single Cell RNA Kits

WATERTOWN, Mass., Feb. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Fluent BioSciences, a leading life sciences company focused on revolutionizing single cell analysis through simple, cost effective and scalable solutions, announces the release of a new and enhanced v4.0 chemistry for the PIPseq portfolio of 3′ Single Cell RNA Kits at the 2023 AGBT conference.  In addition, its comprehensive and user-friendly data analysis software, PIPseeker™, has been updated to v2.0 providing specialized analysis capability for measuring surface protein levels and cell hashing.

The PIPseq v4.0 chemistry addresses the market need for high quality biology with significant performance enhancements over v3.0, while maintaining the most cost effective and largest per reaction cell count available.

PIPseq v4.0 enhancements offer:

  • The highest cell capture rate in the market (up to 85%)
  • Improved sensitivity (>60% more genes per cell)
  • Higher sequencing efficiency (i.e. more raw reads assigned to cells)
  • A new workflow that yields higher quality data from nuclei

“The new v4.0 kits will accelerate our mission of making single cell sequencing accessible to any researcher and expand what is possible in the industry,” said Sepehr Kiani, CEO of Fluent Biosciences. “We have made tremendous progress since the launch of our v3.0 kits in mid-2022 with rapid adoption of PIPseq in the market, and we are excited to bring even greater value to both new and existing customers.”

Our presentation at the 2023 AGBT conference on February 7th and 8th will provide an overview of our PIPseq technology and discuss case studies of how we are enabling a wide-range of scRNA-seq studies. Join our SVP of Product Development, Kristina Fontanez, to discuss the unmatched scalability and cost-effectiveness that PIPseq is bringing to the single-cell market. 

The v4.0 chemistry will be offered across the entire range of PIPseq products, accommodating 2,000 (T2), 20,000 (T20), and 100,000 (T100) cells per reaction in eight, four, and two reaction kits, respectively.  Fluent will be taking orders for the v4.0 kits for shipment starting in February 2023.