Watertown, MA, May 29, 2024 Fluent BioSciences, a leader in single-cell technology innovation, is proud to herald the launch of our latest product line, the PIPseq V 3′ Single Cell RNA Sequencing Kits. This new release marks a significant advancement in molecular quantification, demonstrating our commitment to driving transformative progress in single-cell biology.

Designed to apply to a broad range of research needs, an assortment of PIPseq V kits address a wide scope of sample types and input levels. This scalability makes our product line an affordable option for both small and large-scale projects. The PIPseq V 3′ kits bring numerous enhancements over previous versions, delivering notable improvements in both performance and workflow simplicity:

  • Enhances Gene and Transcript Detection
  • Streamlines Workflow
  • Eliminates UMI-specific biases
  • PIPseq Replay: Re-interrogate cDNA

Our cutting-edge TruID technology leverages the random fragmentation of RNA to generate intrinsic identifiers, dramatically enhancing precision and sensitivity. This novel approach reframes the way single-cell experiments are performed and analyzed.

“As Fluent BioSciences continues to lead the charge in innovation within our field, we are delighted to offer a glimpse into an upcoming advancement in single-cell technology,” said Brian McKernan, CEO of Fluent BioSciences. “Our forthcoming PIPseq release includes a significant innovation in molecular counting methodologies, promising unparalleled gains in precision and sensitivity increasing yield of transcripts and genes without raising the background giving better visibility to low abundance cell types. This breakthrough opens doors to a myriad of possibilities for enhanced research and analysis capabilities.”

The PIPseq V 3′ Single Cell RNA Sequencing Kits are poised to set a new standard in the industry, empowering researchers with tools that enable more detailed and precise single-cell studies.