Watertown, MA, March 21, 2024 – Fluent BioSciences, a life sciences company focused on making single-cell analysis simple and accessible to every researcher, announces early access availability of new kits and reagents for direct CRISPR guide capture in particle templated instant partitions (PIPseq-CRISPR).  The PIPseq platform provides an instrument and microfluidics-free approach for single cell analysis, eliminating barriers to accessibility and program costs that limit routine application of high-throughout single cell analysis. These early access kits allow for universal capture of CRISPR guide-RNA in addition to 3’ mRNA capture from single-cell suspensions, enabling complex perturbation screening at unprecedented scale and cost.  Although current PIPseq kits provide compatibility with polyadenylated reporter guides for CROP-seq compatible assays, the newly released PIPseq chemistry generalizes the approach across any CRISPR-CAS9 compatible application. Initial PIPseq-CRISPR kits will provide up to 10,000 captured cells per reaction, but applications scaling to 100,000 and 1,000,000 cell capture scales per single-tube reaction are planned for release later this year.

“In our view, PIPseq is the most exciting new single-cell technology to enter the market in recent years,” stated Sandy Klemm, Ph.D., Stanford University, “It is a uniquely scalable platform that delivers state-of-the-art data quality and is cost-effective for genome-scale perturbation screening applications.”