One unique advantage of the PIPseq method is that the cDNA created from the captured transcripts remains bound to our particles and is stable indefinitely when stored as directed. This permits researchers to ask and answer in-depth questions about gene features or cellular functions without repeating the original experiment while allowing direct comparison to the original transcription profile.

The SEA V Kit can be employed for a wide variety of custom applications, among them:

  • Resequencing more deeply after a shallow screening run
  • Targeted enrichment of particular genes or features (e.g., splice sites)
  • Deeper exploration of specific cellular pathways 
  • Assessment of specific molecules of interest using custom DNA tags (e.g. labeled antibodies)
  • Multi-omic analysis using kits from other manufacturers

“One of the biggest challenges in using scRNAseq in drug development is assessing a single gene and its impact on the transcriptome. PIPseq’s SEA kit allows us to evaluate a specific target gene’s functional effect and its broader transcriptome impact in a single assay, seamlessly combining targeted assay specificity with the power of whole transcriptome analysis.” – Senior Scientist in Boston Biotech/Pharma

The SEA V kit enables a more comprehensive overall picture of cellular biology by providing easy integration of gene expression studies with other specific ‘Omics measurements through precise re-amplification of cDNA produced in the scRNAseq process.