Watertown, MA., May 5, 2022 – Fluent BioSciences, a biotechnology company focused on making single-cell analysis simple and accessible to every researcher, announced expanded early access to two new products for 3′ single-cell RNA analysis. Scaled to efficiently and effectively meet diverse experimental demands, PIPseqTM T2 and T20 kits capture up to 2,000 and 20,000 single cells per reaction, respectively. Fluent is actively engaged with leading researchers in diverse fields including neuroscience, drug discovery, and cancer biology to demonstrate the unique advantages to experimental flexibility and scalability afforded by PIPseq. 

“We continue to execute on our mission to accelerate the understanding of biology and disease through accessible, affordable, and scalable solutions”, stated Sepehr Kiani, co-founder, and CEO of Fluent BioSciences. “I am very pleased that we have been able to leverage Fluent’s unique, instrumentation-free scRNA-seq platform to rapidly introduce an order-of-magnitude increase in cell capture compared to our initial T2 kits. We are poised for rapid development and deployment of new tools to address the diversity of emerging single-cell applications.”

Fluent has been excited to collaborate with Dr. Zev Gartner, Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of California, San Francisco to evaluate cellular diversity in human breast tissue. “We required a single-cell RNA-seq platform with a simple workflow suitable for rapid analysis of clinical specimens, that scales from small to large numbers of cells, and meets our data quality metrics”, stated Dr. Gartner. “Tissues analyzed using the T2 and T20 kits have exceeded our expectations.” White papers detailing these early studies are available at www.fluentbio.com, and researchers are invited to contact Fluent to learn more about applying PIPseq to their biological question of interest.

About Fluent BioSciences

Fluent BioSciences is a privately funded biotechnology company with a mission to accelerate the understanding of biology and disease through accessible, affordable, and scalable solutions for every laboratory from research to the clinic.  Fluent’s breakthrough Pre-templated Instant Partitions (PIPseq™) technology facilitates near-instantaneous self-assembly of individual cells or molecules into millions of uniform partitions without the need for complex instrumentation or expensive consumables. This powerful platform enables extremely sensitive and unbiased preparation of proteins and nucleic acids for a broad range of applications including single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq).