Fluent BioSciences Inc. is an early-stage biotechnology company with novel micro-technology for ultra-sensitive genomic analysis. We are looking for highly motivated and innovative candidates to join our growing Bioinformatics team. This candidate will utilize, maintain, and improve upon Fluent’s genomic analysis software. Successful candidates will be driven to produce high-quality results, typified by a careful analytical approach that identifies potential confounders and sources of bias. Priority will be given to candidates with a strong track record of reproducible analyses and pipeline development.

Responsibilities & Desired Experience:

  • PhD in Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, systems biology, computer science or related field
  • Previous experience as a primary author of custom analysis software for single cell RNA-Seq analysis is preferred
  • Familiarity with mapping strategies such as STAR, Salmon, kallisto commonly used in single cell RNA-Seq pipelines, such as CellRanger, DropSeq, inDrops preferred
  • Experience performing advanced analyses in Python- (ScanPy) or R-based (Seurat) workflows is required
  • Experience running genomics pipelines in cloud computing environments, such as AWS
  • Fluency in Python or R, along with familiarity with navigating a unix-based command line is required
  • Experience with software version control tools (e.g. Git)
  • Able to communicate and collaborate effectively with scientists across a broad range of disciplines
  • Experience developing advanced computational methods for a variety of NGS data types is desired
  • Experience with Docker containers and workflow systems are highly desired
  • Hands-on experience with single cell genomics technologies (e.g. 10X, DropSeq, InDrops, etc.) is a plus